We Love Beijing!

Working with artists and designers across China, we bring an exciting, fun, and creative new take on Beijing to the world. Founded in 2005 as the first shop on Nan Luo Gu Xiang, Plastered started a creative boom in Beijing. Our award winning business has been featured in media around China and the world, and is considered as a must-see shopping destination in Beijing. We celebrate the old and also show off the new, through fun, creative, award winning artwork and design.


Made in Beijing

All of Plastered’s high quality apparel and creative products are designed and manufactured in Beijing, assuring the highest quality. We are proud to say our products are 100% “Made in Beijing”.



Plastered has collaborated with many brands around the world. Most notably Zippo Lighters, The United Nations and Pizza Express, as well as many creative businesses around Beijing like Moka Bros, Great Leap Brewing and Temple Restaurant Beijing.



Dominic Johnson-Hill arrived in China in 1992 with a passion for adventure. In 2005, he opened the first Plastered store to celebrate his love for Beijing using images he collected over his many years in China. Now a regular on TV and radio in China, Dominic prides himself on continually reinventing the brand to move with the fast pace of Beijing.



Plastered has been featured in countless Chinese media from CCTV1, 2 , 4, and 9 as well as Kuai Le Da Ben Ying (a popular entertainment program in China), Lu Yu You Yue (China’s most popular talk show). Dominic has been a regular on Zhi Lai Zhi Wang (China’s version of dragon’s den) for over 4 years and also has his own TV show that airs world wide on Fox, called The Vintage Hunter.