Collaborations . 16 Nov 2017

Art Deco Meets Opera Battle

A vibrant Beijing Opera captured split second. A graceful battle scene, action packed, a happy clash of cultures. Our New artwork is up at The opposite House Beijing. This time…


    Collaborations . 13 Sep 2017

    Plastered creates installation for Great Leap Brewing

    Plastered 8 was commissioned by Great Leap Brewing in Beijing to create two pieces of artwork for their #45 location. The story is about the founder’s Grandfather in his youth taking…


    Collaborations . 13 Sep 2017

    Cycling tees for Peloton Club

    Beijing’s Peloton Cycling Club approached us last year to create a Plastered jersey for their team. We’d never made a jersey before, but took on the challenge! The result is…


    Collaborations . 1 Sep 2017

    Plastered creates Comic artwork for Yellow Brick USA

    Every now and then we create artwork for others. Yellow Brick’s founder is a big fan of our comic artwork so we worked with the great artist Li Bo Lin…


    Collaborations . 23 Mar 2017

    Plastered x The Opposite House Beijing

    The Opposite House Beijing is one of Beijing's premier art boutique hotels. They approached us to bring their Village Cafe to life with a 40 square metre installation!


      Collaborations . 2 Nov 2016

      Plastered Art in Black Moth Bar

      We recently conceptualized/created a big piece of artwork for the Newly Opened Black Moth cocktail bar in Beijing. Its about 7m long and tells the old story of The Black…


        Collaborations . 27 Jul 2016

        Terratag x Plastered 8

        Plastered 8 and cult London art brand, Terratag, have joined forces to bring a psychedelic t-shirt collaboration to Beijing.


          Collaborations . 5 Jul 2016

          8-Armed Buddha Selfie Winners

          A big thanks to everyone who sent us 8-armed Buddha selfies for our tee-a-day giveaway in collaboration with Moka Bros! You guys rock. Throughout the month of June, we gave…


            Collaborations . 16 Jun 2016

            Massive Ping Pong Wall Art Installation

            Plastered has been creating the wall art for Moka Bros since they opened almost 3 years ago and we’re excited to see yet another amazing work of Plastered art installed…


              Collaborations . 23 May 2016

              Tee-a-Day Giveaway!

              Celebrate Plastered’s 10th birthday with Moka Bros Plastered has been collaborating with Moka Bros on their artwork and t-shirts since they opened! Now that we’re 10, our friends at Moka…


                Collaborations . 5 Apr 2016


                Plastered turns 10 this April! We’re celebrating with our great friends at Gung Ho Pizza by taking over their delivery boxes and having a t-shirt a day give-away for 80…

                  15.10.13_My Original Dream_1798x737

                  Collaborations . 13 Oct 2015

                  “My Original Dream” Film Collaborations

                  We’re super proud to be involved in creating some of the artwork for the newly released film “My Original Dream”.