Collaborations . 1 Sep 2017

Plastered creates Comic artwork for Yellow Brick USA

Every now and then we create artwork for others. Yellow Brick’s founder is a big fan of our comic artwork so we worked with the great artist Li Bo Lin…


Media . 2 Nov 2016

Selling Canned Beijing With Shocking Results

On October 11th we ventured into new territory as a brand and started selling canned Beijing Air. This was a fun irreverent idea with very little thought into it other…


    Dominic . 30 Oct 2015

    CCTV Documentary on Plastered

    Here’s a nice story about me, the brand, and how it all started, that was featured on CCTV’s “My China” documentary series recently (and around the globe).

    15.10.13_My Original Dream_1798x737

    Collaborations . 13 Oct 2015

    “My Original Dream” Film Collaborations

    We’re super proud to be involved in creating some of the artwork for the newly released film “My Original Dream”.

    12.02.14_Vintage Hunter_1798x737

    Dominic . 14 Feb 2012

    Vintage Hunter

    I’ve been rather busy the last 3 months filming a TV show called “Vintage Hunter”. It’s my first go at presenting a TV series and it was loads of fun…