Products . 18 Nov 2017

Beijing Pollution Globe

The Beijing Pollution Globe is a Plastered 8 masterpiece of design. We collaborate with artist Li Bolin on the 3D base and the CCTV tower inside, and painstakingly sourced grey…


    Products . 14 Sep 2017

    Plastered giving beer with great head

    We had a lofty goal this year, to give our customers free beer. That dream has now been achieved thanks to a great collaboration with the best beer in Beijing,…


    Collaborations . 1 Sep 2017

    Plastered creates Comic artwork for Yellow Brick USA

    Every now and then we create artwork for others. Yellow Brick’s founder is a big fan of our comic artwork so we worked with the great artist Li Bo Lin…

    Smoke drink banner2

    Products . 1 Jun 2017

    Full Print Guns, Cigarettes and Alcohol

    This year we’ve been big on full print tees by creating some heart stopping artwork with Beijing artist Da Qian. Smoke Drink Happiness is now out in tee and shirt…


      Media . 2 Nov 2016

      Selling Canned Beijing With Shocking Results

      On October 11th we ventured into new territory as a brand and started selling canned Beijing Air. This was a fun irreverent idea with very little thought into it other…

        15.10.13_My Original Dream_1798x737

        Collaborations . 13 Oct 2015

        “My Original Dream” Film Collaborations

        We’re super proud to be involved in creating some of the artwork for the newly released film “My Original Dream”.