Products . 14 Sep 2017

Plastered giving beer with great head

We had a lofty goal this year, to give our customers free beer. That dream has now been achieved thanks to a great collaboration with the best beer in Beijing,…


Media . 5 Jan 2016

Plastered in the News

Over the years, Plastered has received some flattering coverage from both Chinese and Western media.

15.05.05_Plastered for 9 Years_1798x737

Events . 5 May 2015

Plastered for 9 Years

9 years ago today I opened a little hole in the wall on a quiet alleyway.

13.08.30_Funk Your Mother_1798x737

Collaborations . 30 Aug 2013

Funk Your Mother

To celebrate 7 great years of Plastered staying alive we collaborated with Funk Fever to bring you “Funk Your Mother”


Media . 7 Aug 2012

Paper Magazine

Paper magazine is one of my favourites...

12.06.05_Plastered will change your life_1798x737

Media . 5 Jun 2012

Plastered Will Change Your Life

Plastered T-shirts will change your life. We’ve always believed it… but now we’re able to show you definitive proof.

12.02.14_Vintage Hunter_1798x737

Dominic . 14 Feb 2012

Vintage Hunter

I’ve been rather busy the last 3 months filming a TV show called “Vintage Hunter”. It’s my first go at presenting a TV series and it was loads of fun…

11.05.31_5 Year Anniversary_1798x737

Events . 31 May 2011

5 Year Anniversary Party

Here are some pics from our 5-year anniversary party in Beijing.