15.12.19_Dan Taylor_1798x737

Events . 19 Dec 2015

Dan Taylor Commands the Plastered Stage

This past weekend, musician Dan Taylor took over the Plastered Stage in our Nanluoguxiang store and received a warm welcome from thousands of onlookers.

15.11.19_Xiao Niu and Beach Babes in the Shop_1798x737

Products . 19 Nov 2015

Beach Babes and Xiao Niu for Sale

Plastered newest tees are now for sale in the shops and online. Stay cool with these pretty ladies hanging off your body.


Events . 18 Sep 2015

Mooncakes for Your Big Fat Boss

To celebrate this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, we made Plastered 8 moon cakes for you.

12.03.26_Plastered Stage Open Mic_1798x737

Events . 26 Mar 2012

Plastered Stage open Mic

To keep things interesting on Nan Luo Gu Xiang we’ve not only refurbished our store and its looking awesome but we’ve changed the doors so half of the store front…

09.12.01_Hutong Catwalk Shows_1798x737

Events . 20 Jun 2009

Hutong Catwalk Shows

In 2007, we launched Nanluoguxiang’s first ever catwalk show.