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Collaborations . 1 Nov 2013

The Beautiful Future Has a Life of it’s Own

The Beautiful Future, an art collaboration between Plastered 8, Koryo Studio and select North Korean propaganda artists was widely celebrate in both foreign and Chinese media.


Media . 7 Aug 2012

Paper Magazine

Paper magazine is one of my favourites...

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Media . 5 Jun 2012

Plastered Will Change Your Life

Plastered T-shirts will change your life. We’ve always believed it… but now we’re able to show you definitive proof.

12.02.14_Vintage Hunter_1798x737

Dominic . 14 Feb 2012

Vintage Hunter

I’ve been rather busy the last 3 months filming a TV show called “Vintage Hunter”. It’s my first go at presenting a TV series and it was loads of fun…